Following the acquisition of a majority stake in OCMIS Group, investment firm Carlyle has assumed control of RM Srl.

Global investment firm Carlyle has recognized OCMIS Group as an ideal partner in forging a path towards sustainable development. This further validates OCMIS's dedication to investments in Research and Development, as well as its strong global commercial presence.

Carlyle's acquisition of a majority stake in OCMIS Group has bolstered RM Srl, a company specializing in the production of mechanical components for irrigation and hydraulic cylinders. With Carlyle's involvement, RM Srl now has the opportunity to pursue a new expansion strategy, guided by a long-term vision and a focus on sustainability.

Carlyle's expertise in global investments and their dedication to sustainability offer invaluable support for the growth trajectory of RM Srl. Through this partnership, the company establishes itself as a player capable of meeting the demands of the global market while preserving its unique identity and upholding the highest standards of product quality.

Additional comments from Adriano Montorsi and Filippo Penatti are available in the press release.

Carlyle Press Release - OCMIS