Relentless, for uninterrupted cutting of large components for hydraulics.

The CNC Slant Turn 550 Turning Centre has been in RM since 2016 and is an incredibly versatile machine renowned for its exceptional efficiency and precision in working with a wide range of materials and various sizes and shapes of components. With its high cutting capacity and advanced CNC control technology, this machine is perfectly suited for the production of high-precision mechanical components, aerospace and automotive parts, wind energy components, mining industry parts, and much more. Furthermore, its capability to handle large-sized pieces makes it ideal for manufacturing hydraulic cylinders, pipes and tubing, drive shafts, axles, flanges, and many other applications.

Straight to the point

Finished products

Head bushes

For technicians

  • Horizontal lathe with a turning capacity of 750 x 4,000
  • Axis with motorized capabilities
  • Maximum spindle rotation speed of 3,000 RPM