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With the i-800, we are capable of performing a multitude of complex operations, thanks to its 5-axis multitasking capability for turning and milling. The production of highly precise and intricate parts using this machine is effortlessly achievable, granted that one is well-versed in its intricacies. The components we manufacture cater to a diverse range of industrial sectors, including aerospace, energy, automotive, and medical industries, effectively addressing their varied requirements.

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  • CNC milling and vertical turning centre with a turning capacity of 1,050 x 1,500
  • Y-axis (transverse) of 1,110 mm
  • Equipped with ISO 50 spindle taper and 350 tools
  • Maximum milling spindle rotation speed of 10,000 rpm, palletized with 9 pallets measuring 800 x 800, and 3 pallets with turning spindles
  • Load capacity of 3.5 tons