RM was established in 1985 as a production project to support the parent company, OCMIS Irrigation SpA.

In the early years of our activity, we focused on the production of components for the irrigation and earth-moving sector. The expansion into third-party mechanical processing and the production of hydraulic cylinders was a natural evolution of our journey.

Today, we are a precision mechanics company with a comprehensive offering, combining design consulting with the production of prototypes and small-scale high-value batches..

We are part of a large group

OCMIS Group is an international leader in offering innovative systems for agricultural irrigation.

We are proud to be part of it and to contribute, through our work, to their mission to optimise water resource use and help farmers increase their productivity.

Specialized in being cross-functional, the business areas.

Our design and manufacturing capabilities are directed towards multiple sectors, each of which presents different applications.

Prototypes and complex batches "made in RM" are the response to the needs of various sectors, including:


RM's strategy is built on autonomy and internal skills, focusing on investments in areas that deliver the best results. When addressing market demands, we prefer to adopt a collaborative approach that highlights the company's strong suits, such as the quality and skills of our people and investments in new machinery.

This approach has proven to be successful, as evidenced by the consistent improvement in efficiency and productivity, as well as the development of enduring customer relationships.

RM's essence

Balance between machine technology and human expertise.

Investing in state-of-the-art machinery and innovative technologies is essential to ensure high-quality service. Equally important is the expertise of the people working in the company. It is only through their experience and skills that the full potential of the machinery can be realised, and innovative solutions can be found for daily challenges. Finding the right balance between technology and expertise represents a key success factor for those who, like us, are operating in the mechanical industry.

Being third-party contractors, we express our capabilities along specific directions.

Mechanics is an eternal apprenticeship. Just when you think you have achieved an optimal result, it's time to roll up your sleeves again. Perfection is a never-ending journey.


Production Manager

Ours is the story of a cog, that turned into a mechanism

RM 1985

1,500 square meters indoors, a new entrepreneurial adventure begins

RM is established in Castelvetro di Modena, Rubini and Montorsi. It is a mechanical company that manufactures spare parts for tracked vehicles and components for hose reels used in agricultural irrigation.

irrigatore OCMIS

It's a head-to-head battle between irrigation and everything else

The market for irrigation machines has been in full expansion for years. RM's production is divided into two, with irrigation alone accounting for half of the production. The number of employees is growing, now reaching 18.

cilindri idrualici

It's time to adjust course, heading towards hydraulic cylinders

RM is taking a new production direction, hydraulic cylinders. This is an exciting opportunity for expanding our product offerings and becoming a reliable cornerstone for a select clientele.

vinicio cappi

Welcome back Vinicio Cappi

In 1998 Vinicio Cappi, production manager, leaves the RM workshop. He returns there in 2011, and nothing will ever be the same.

manuele montanari

Manuele Montanari joins the team

RM is experiencing a time of great change. Positive results prompt ownership to make new investments. 
Montanari joins Cappi, and the tandem successfully intervenes on the type of processing by introducing new ones. The market appreciates, the client list increases in quantity and grows in quality.

cilindri oleodinamici

The AD Lauro Venturi

RM has taken off, and its journey is obstacle-free. Revenue is increasing, as well as operating profit (MOL). Production, supported by recent technological investments, continues to improve. Special hydraulic cylinders play an important and qualifying role, and they are now being produced in larger sizes.


The era of Mazak begins with the CNC SLANT TURN 550m turning machine

This new acquisition marks the dawn of a new era in mechanical processing. This advanced machine offers high precision, speed, and accuracy, making it ideal for the production of complex parts with tight tolerances.

Mazak i800

The Mazak era continues, and with it, RM's growth

Digitalization and automation, the pillars at the base of the National Industry 4.0 program, an opportunity that RM seizes by enhancing its fleet of machines with the new Mazak i800 turning machine.


The policy of investing in technologically advanced machinery continues

The DAH ALI gantry machining centre is the latest addition to RM's line-up, aimed at lightening the workload assigned to the TESSEN machine and providing new possibilities for customers.

carlyle logo

Carlyle acquires majority ownership of OCMIS, while RM receives the Mazak INTEGREX e-500

The change in ownership brings forth new challenges. Carlyle recognizes RM's excellent performance trend and incorporates it into the strategic development plan of the acquired group. 
The arrival of the Mazak INTEGREX e-500, a state-of-the-art machine, offers new possibilities for working on large components. 


Development is gaining momentum, efforts are made to increase production spaces while awaiting the addition of the Geminis turning machine to the list of available machines

The new turning machine enables RM to work on cylinders up to 12 meters in length and with a maximum diameter of 1,100 millimetres. This is an unprecedented expansion of the product range that opens up new market opportunities.

Our promise

We are down-to-earth people and our hands are always busy.

But we are aware of our production and organization responsibilities and we look towards our territory and the community in which we operate. We work towards a future where the mechanical industry, including our company, can play an increasingly important role in creating quality jobs and offering opportunities to the younger generation.

Designing and manufacturing hydraulic cylinders and mechanical components is our job. Carrying it out while ensuring a balance between profitability, technological innovation, and care for people is our daily mission.


  • Transparency

    For RM, it is important to establish long-lasting and transparent relationships. In general, we expect the same level of transparency from our counterparts, regardless of their role.

  • Respect and Trust

    We always give both, first. They are the key to building clear and long-lasting relationships, enabling us to establish healthy working relationships with external partners and create a balanced and high-quality work environment within the company.

    Respect and Trust
  • Quality and Reliability

    In RM's work, the certainty of repeatability is fundamental, it is the true unwritten certificate of quality that everyone can perceive. Consistency in organization is a characteristic that reflects in the production as well as in every other aspect of the company's life.

    Quality and Reliability
  • Quality

    Quality of the work, quality in Interpersonal relationships, quality in strategic decisions. In RM quality Is palpable, genuine and sincere.

  • Value of People

    RM adopts meritocratic criteria to guarantee fair professional growth for all employees. The company is committed to creating a welcoming work environment where the individual is at the centre, not just a mere resource. The human and personal dimension is always prioritised.

    Value of People

Cleaner mechanics through renewable energy

RM has taken a significant step forward towards the environment and sustainability.

We have invested 300,000 euros to install a photovoltaic system to generate electricity from renewable sources. As a result, we are able to produce 228,000 kilowatt-hours of clean energy annually, thereby reducing our environmental footprint.