How many times have you imagined how wonderful it would be to observe the world around us and discover that something significant is unfolding, something in which you have played a part? The genuine sense of awe that fills us with pride as we contribute to a project, a company, or a group of individuals who have collectively achieved a shared goal is one of the most rewarding and motivating experiences one can have. Being conscious of our participation in something greater compels us to give our utmost to foster its continued growth and prosperity.

That's why at RM, we firmly believe that people are the true differentiating factor. While machines are undoubtedly important, they are ultimately just tools.

4 reasons for choosing a field

Join a strong group that works towards the future

OCMIS not only represents intelligent irrigation worldwide but redefines how we think about water resources.

It materializes these words through its innovation in irrigation systems distributed across the globe. As part of the group, RM contributes to the production of components for this agricultural revolution.

discover the OCMIS group

Study, learn, grow

The mechanical sector is known for its high concentration of technology.

Working in this field provides individuals with the opportunity to learn, apply, and stay closely connected to innovation.

At RM, we prioritize regular skill updates, ensuring that everyone has access to ongoing personal development opportunities.

Express your uniqueness

Every individual is regarded as unique and invaluable, bringing diverse experiences and perspectives that enrich the work environment.

Whether you're a novice turner or a seasoned expert, you have the chance to express your ideas and make meaningful contributions to the company's success. This open and inclusive approach fosters a stimulating and dynamic workplace, where innovation and creativity are deeply appreciated. At RM, we encourage each person to push their boundaries, embrace new challenges, and cultivate new skills.

Make a difference

RM values caring, and so do its employees.

We operate within a context of territory and community where we actively engage and demonstrate attentiveness, fully aware of our impact and social responsibility. Working at RM means being part of a company that prioritizes not only economic success but also the well-being of the community it serves. We are dedicated to creating value for both individuals and the environment that surrounds us. This way, we can take pride in our work, and our families can take pride in us as well.

Mechanics is our bread and butter, a sector that plays a vital role in modern society

Working at RM enables you to make a meaningful contribution to the production of products and services that are essential for the functioning of society.