A kaleidoscope of possibilities for large dimensions to be turned and milled.

The DAH LIH 3216 gantry machining centre represents an advanced solution in the realm of metal processing. This machine boasts a system of movement on linear and flat guides, endowing it with exceptional flexibility and productivity. It offers a broad array of capabilities, including turning, milling, threading, and polishing.

Straight to the point

Finished products

Press frames
Light carpentry works
Heavy carpentry works

For technicians

  • X-axis: 4,000
  • Y-axis: 1,600
  • Z-axis: 1,000
  • With 40 tools
  • Maximum milling spindle rotation speed: 6,000 RPM
  • Capacity: 5 tons
  • Length of workable pieces: 3.2 meters.