Our specialist personnel and cutting edge equipment guarantee mechanical processing of various dimensions ranging from small to large.
RM's Corporate system complies with UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certified by TUV (No. 50 100 8910/2).


RM has always specialised in professional turning. We reach a length of 10,000 mm and diameters that reach 1,000 mm. We have spindles with horizontal and vertical axes managed by the operators according to the construction requirements.


The range of machines includes a 5-axis milling machine that can implement 5 metre long mechanical processing and longer, on several sides.


We use a 3-axis measuring and testing machine, controlled by a specialist operator, able to accurately assess the measurements of the finished product. A superficial check of the component is also made upon the customer's request, in order to assess the roughness, hardness and thickness of the surface layers.


We provide the customer a cutting edge welding process, which is carried out in a specific department staffed by skilled personnel with proven professional experience. The welders can weld any type of steel in all the required configurations and with every thickness required by the customer. This characteristic is certified by Welder Qualifications issued by TUV in accordance with EN ISO 9606-1. The technology used for the necessary welds is MAG, Metal Active Gas, which guarantees excellent quality and seals.


We use a reliable and qualified paint process with powder or spray.


The specific department, with highly skilled personnel having sound experience in customised assembly, is available to customers who commission - rather than individual pieces - complex components, such as gearboxes.