This department is of fundamental importance in the hydraulic cylinder sector. Our welding process uses the latest technology and personnel who are highly skilled and experienced in the specific sector. The welders can weld any type of steel in all the required configurations and with every thickness required by the customer. Welder Qualifications are issued by TUV in accordance with EN ISO 9606-1. The technology used is MAG, Metal Active Gas, which guarantees excellent quality and hydraulic seal.

Checking the welds

Structural welding is fundamental for custom hydraulic cylinders and should be handled professionally and earnestly. Customers have a specialist technician at their disposal who can assess the quality and efficiency of the weld.


We have a specific department dedicated to the assembly of custom hydraulic cylinders, in which specialist and skilled professionals work. They have significant experience in assembling hydraulic cylinders and can tackle any assembly-related problems and perform a complete test of all the cylinders produced.

Test bench

In order to provide the customer with a guaranteed product, which is finished according to specific requirements, we have an efficient 2-station cylinder test bench. We perform dynamic and seal tests up to 600 bar. The test is performed by skilled personnel on all the cylinders produced by the company.